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DIY: Back to School Teacher Gift


It’s almost Back-To-School time and whether your child is entering their first year of school or their last, it is always an exciting season full of new beginnings, fun transitions and lots of new things to learn and experience.

One of the most exciting times of the new school year is the first day of school. Your child has their outfit for the first day planned weeks in advance, you have the lunches made, the bus schedule memorized and before you know it they will be whizzing by you out the door.

As you and your family are filling backpacks, sharpening pencils and prepping for the big first day of school, your child’s teacher is doing the same by creating lesson plans, organizing the classrooms and preparing to teach young minds for the next nine months of the year.

DSC05179You know as well as anyone that this is no small feat, so to show your appreciate here is a Back-To-School Teacher Gift that your child’s educator will truly appreciate.

Forget the shiny red apple or the somewhat overdone coffee mug; here is a gift that your child’s teacher actually wants and that he or she will use far beyond the one single school year with your child in their classroom.

DIY: Chalkboard Pen Holder

What I loved most about this craft (other than how simple it was to make!) is its usability for the teacher. There are tons of Back-To-School craft ideas out there throughout Pinterest and other craft sites, but I often find myself wondering how practical some of these gifts are – especially when the teacher may be getting several first day of school gifts!

I have a love for mason jar crafts, so when I started thinking of back-to-school I began to brainstorm how I could utilize my jars and ta-da! – The Mason Jar Chalkboard Pen Holder was born!

Read on for supplies and directions:

DSC05177What You’ll Need:

To make this craft you will need:

  • An extra large mason jar, which can be found at any craft store near you.
  • Black chalkboard paint to cover the entire surface of the jar.
  • Paint supplies – Paintbrush, newspaper for covering the surface that is being painted over, clean up for little hands that are helping with the craft, etc.
  • Chalk or chalkboard markers. I think the chalkboard markers work the best for writing on the surface of the jar, but the chalk is also a cute touch when tied on the string.
  • Twine to tie around the edging of the rim. Be sure you have enough to wrap it several times around the lid.
  • Desk Supplies to fill the jar.

DSC05156How To:

As I said before this craft is as easy as 1,2,3. To make simply follow along with the next three steps.

  1. Paint large mason jar with an even layer of black chalkboard paint.
  2. Once dry, tie twine around the lid of the jar wrapping it several times around the base of the opening and tie a piece of chalk to the end of the string.
  3. Have you or your child decorate the jar and then fill it with fun desk items that the average teacher would want readily available on their desk within an arm’s reach.

And there you have it – A beautiful Mason Jar DIY Craft for your child’s teacher that is adorable, inexpensive, usable and creative! I hope the transition to fall and back-to-school is smooth for you and your loved ones. Stay crafty friends!

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