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Flat Top Grills are gaining popularity and consumers are loving this versatile cooking style that handles their meals morning, noon, and night. We still love our other outdoor grills, but the flat-top grill allows you to enjoy your favorite foods all on one cooktop. Pancakes and eggs? Yes please! Stir Fry on the grill? You bet. From burgers, to Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, to the ultimate breakfast, you can feed a crowd with a flat-top grill. Less dishes, endless meal possibilities. Stop in your local store and stock up on our Extra Thinly Sliced Flat Top Grill-Ready proteins in our Meat Department.


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Flat Top Grilling
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Remarkably Easy. Incredibly Delicious.



Favorite Food Made Easy Recipes

These flat top grill recipes are not only easy to prepare, but they are also delicious!



Flat Top Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips - Try new recipes!

Season your grill before use! – Follow instructions provided with your flat-top grills. Seasoning a flat top grill is similar to seasoning a cast iron skillet and will help your grill perform at it’s best for a long time.

Grilling Tips - Oil Choices

Oil choices & cooking zones – Cook with oils that have a high smoke point such as canola and avocado oil. If you’re cooking different ingredients that need different temps, consider dividing your flat top grill into 2-3 cooking zones.

Grilling Tips - Spice Them Up

Spice them up – Embrace flavor with your favorite Four Brothers seasonings & spices.

Grilling Tips - Try new recipes!

Try new recipes! – Try some of our recipes below and take your favorite recipes that you make inside and modify them be cooked on your flat top grill. From breakfast, warm sandwiches and perfectly cooking proteins and sides, you can’t go wrong with cooking on a flat top day in and day out.