Four Brothers Premium Old Fashioned Hardwood Smoked Ham |

Kevin C.Not all ham is created equal. Our Four Brothers Signature Bone-In-Ham is a ham that does not take a backseat to any other Ham.

We start with the best ham, remove the shank and trim it lean to the bone. These standards are what you would expect to find at some of the finest restaurants in the nation. We then blend a mixture of hardwoods and smoke it slowly to perfection. A perfect balance of Smoke and Old Fashioned meat experience is what makes our ham the Best. This is part of our Rich Heritage that can be counted on with every ham that we produce.

Our Old Fashioned approach to our Four Brothers Bone-in-Ham began many years ago when we opened our first smokehouse. Our Guests have come to trust that when they place one of these hams on the table, there are not many leftovers when the meal is finished. Those hams are hearty, deliciously flavored, and guaranteed to make your meals memorable; it will keep your family asking for more.

These same great Old Fashioned hams are also available Spiral sliced for the convenience of going from the oven to the table. Just another way to add that extra special touch to any occasion.

Place one of our Four Brothers Old Fashioned Premium Bone-In-Ham on your Easter dinner table, you wont be disappointed.

Kevin Connor 
Merchandising Specialist Team Manager for Meat and Seafood

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