Revol Greens Greenhouse: An Inside Look at Local Greenhouse in Owatonna, MN |

Coborn’s Inc loves supporting local and today we’re excited to give you an inside look at Revol Greens!

In Feb. of 2021, our Registered Dietitians took a field trip down to Owatonna, MN to explore how a local MN grower can provide fresh, leafy greens to our stores 365 days a year. We toured the facility with Chayla Balko, Director of Business Development at Revol Greens, and are giving you the inside scoop on their growing practices including the varieties they grow and their sustainability efforts. Check out the full video for more information and to see the inside of the greenhouse!

How large is the greenhouse?

Revol Greens greenhouse is 10 acres (equivalent to about 7 football fields!) Although smaller than a traditional farm, their ability to grow leafy greens 365 days a year is extremely advantageous.

How are the leafy greens grown?

Revol Greens grows leafy greens using a hybrid-hydroponic system. This combines the best of all farming methods. They use a small amount of soil to get nutrients to the plants right away, but rather than planted in the ground, they are “planted” on a pond. The roots grow into the water to soak up nutrients while they float through the pond. (The video provides great visuals to how this works- check it out!) From seed to harvest, it takes an average of 3 weeks for these leafy greens to grow.

What sustainability efforts are in place at Revol Greens?

Revol Greens is proud of their strong commitment to sustainability. First off, as a local grower, once their leafy greens are harvested, they are packaged at their facility and sent directly to our stores. This allows the fresh product to be on your dinner table in a matter of days, and reducing the total miles that the produce has had to travel.

Another incredibly sustainable practice they have in place is using recycled water. Revol Greens actually captures and UV sterilizes MN rain water and snow, and can utilize that inside the greenhouse. It’s a win-win! On the days when it’s sunny, the greenhouse windows let in natural light for the crops. On overcast days, the Revol Greens team has LED and HID lights to provide the light and nourishment needed to keep their crops growing strong 365 days a year.

Revol Greens is a great choice!

Eating more vegetables is always encouraged! Revol Greens provides a variety of products that meet the needs of all our guests including both a conventional and organic line. Of course, their products have great nutrition, too! Leafy greens are packed with vitamin K, and also include fiber, vitamins A & C, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and antioxidants.

We hope you enjoy the full video to give you an inside look at the greenhouse and more tips from Chayla, their Director of Business Development.  Revol Greens can be found at Coborn’s, Cash Wise and Marketplace Foods stores.