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Beneath the Cork with Mike H. Assistant Liquor


As a lover of Sparkling Wine & Champagne I am always looking for a reason pop a cork.  With the kids back in school that seemed like a good enough excuse to me.  Here are my top choices for the fall and coming holiday season. 

Gruet Sauvage Blanc de Blancs

Always a favorite at our house for its fresh, crisp, delicious bone dry style.  It is made with 100% Chardonnay and has great minerally aromas with bright citrus flavors and persistent bubbles.  Its bright acidity makes it super versatile with food, oysters are a personal favorite.

14 Hands Brut Rose

Although a relative newcomer to sparkling wine 14 Hands have hit a homerun with this Brut Rose.  This one just draws me in by the sight of its pretty pale pink color in the glass. Aromas of citrus, strawberry and spice abound and play out in flavor with a nice dry character with lively bubbles that add to the allure.

GH Mumm Brut Grand Cordon

This is real deal Champagne.  Once in the glass this one is brightly sparkling with tons of tiny and elegant bubbles.  The aromas remind me of ripe fruit particularly apricots and pineapples but in true Champagne fashion there are also hints of bread and yeast.  This is an explosion of freshness on the palate with the aforementioned aromas adding to the intensity.

Toad Hollow Risqué

Looking for something sweeter Toad Hollow Risqué is an awesome choice.  It is made in a style (Methode Ancestrale) that does not include a second fermentation like most sparkling wine and it is bottled before the first fermentation is complete.  In the end that means a sparkling wine that is softer, sweeter, with less intense bubbles and lower alcohol.  This a great after dinner choice to share with a friend.

Alberto Nani Prosecco

Talking about sparkling wine without including Prosecco would feel like blasphemy.  This has a simple but eye catching label and is made with organic grapes farmed in a bio diverse manner.  Those are good selling characteristics but it is what’s in the bottle that has me coming back for more.  This is 100% Prosecco has an incredible bouquet of flowers and jam.  It is a full bodied Prosecco with fine bubbles and delicious mineral finish.






~Mike H.

Assistant Liquor Division Manager
Coborn’s, Inc.

Beneath the Cork with Mike -

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