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Spooky Spider Cupcakes

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Put some creep in your cupcakes this Halloween with these spider treats! To create this critters you’ll need cupcakes, frostings, chocolate sandwich cookies with chocolate filling, malted milk ball candies, and black licorice.

Spooky Spider Cupcakes

Icing the Cupcakes

I used orange buttercream for my cupcakes. I usually plan on using 1 and ¾ lb. of buttercream when I ice a set of 24 cupcakes, using a star tip. If you pick up 2 lbs. of white you could color most of it your preferred shade and then save a bit of it for making black and white details. I also prepared my black licorice ahead of time by cutting into smaller strips to get nice, scrawny, spider legs.

Creepy Crawly Licorice Legs

Start with your iced cupcakes. Each one will get 8 legs. I put the legs on first instead of trying to jam them in under the cookie. Lay out the legs, 4 on each side. Nestle them into the frosting to keep them in place.

Spooky Spider Cupcake Steps

Cookie Body

After your legs are in place you can set a chocolate sandwich cookie on top of them. Position a little towards the back of the cupcakes, this will leave you a little room to place the head on the next step. You can place a dot of frosting to help hold it in place if the cookie isn’t quite making enough contact. If you stuck your spider legs down into the frosting there should be enough buttercream in the middle to make the cookie stick.

Candy Noggin

Now for the head. Use the malted milk ball candy as his noggin, attaching it to the front by sticking it in the frosting. I drew little faces on my spiders with my reserved portion of black and white frosting.

Extra Creepy

To go that extra mile, try drawing little skulls on your spider backs, or a “boo!”

The best part of these little treats are that you get cake, candy, and cookie all in one dessert. Kids and grown-ups alike will be happy to help you control your pest population by chowing down on these creepy critters!

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