Valentine's Arrow Donuts |

Valentine’s Arrow Donuts

Your sweetheart will feel the love when they are hit by these cupid’s arrow donuts. These are so simple and fun you’ll want to make a whole tray full! All you will need are a few simple items:
• Cake donuts
• Donut Holes
• ½ lb of buttercream
• Stir sticks, straws or skewers
• Whipped Cream (optional)
•Strawberries (optional)
•Powdered Sugar (optional)
•Sprinkles (optional)

Frosting Donut Heart
The process of building your cupid’s arrow donut is the same no matter what you top it with. First, you can either split a donut hole in half or just shave off part of a donut hole to make a flat spot and then use 2 donut holes for your heart.

Next you’ll want to trim your cake donut into a heart shape. I spun my donut around a little looking for any spot that seemed a little pointier, that became the bottom for my heart. Trim your donut with a sharp knife to create the pointed part of your heart. It should look somewhat like the corner of a square.

The next cut is on top. Cut out a triangle wedge from the top of your donut, centered above the angled bottom you just created. After I cut my triangle out I shaved the edges a little to round off and blend into the curved part of the donut. You should end up with a mostly heart shaped donut.

I used a stir stick, like the kind you use for your morning coffee, for my arrow. Simply insert the straw into your donut on one side and out the other. Be gentle with this step. I like the stir stick because it’s skinny and passes through the donut and the donut holes more neatly.

Grab your donut holes and put one hole on each end of the stir stick. I found that one you add icing to your donut holes there is a chance they will become top heavy and flip around on the stick. You may want to do the decorating and additional topping the plate you’ll be eating it from. But, if you are careful, it is manageable to move the donuts around from a prep area to your serving plate.

Color your icing and bag it up. I used a size 6 round tip to draw on some details to the arrow. I piped the little feathers at the back of the arrow and then drew the head of the arrow on the opposite side. You can draw the head of the arrow as a triangle or make it look like a little heart.

There are a few ways to finish off your heart donut. One way would be to use the frosting to pipe the outline of a heart. This option makes sure your sweetheart gets the message. Speaking of messages, if you are feeling brave you could use a size 2 or 3 round tip to write a short message to your valentine.

Powdered Sugar Donut
I also finished one of my donuts with a simple sprinkling of powdered sugar and did a little variation on the arrow. Instead of using donut holes I used a large strawberry. Cut the leaves off of your strawberry and then cut your strawberry in half from top to tip. One half we’ll use as is and the other half will be sliced into 3 pieces, giving you 3 half-moon shapes. Slide the 3 pieces on to the stir stick with the smallest piece closest to the donut heart. Leave a little space between the pieces, this is now the feather end of the arrow. The other strawberry half goes on the stir stick as the head of the arrow, smallest end pointing away from your donut. Whatever arrow you do end up choosing remember the pieces may rotate as you skooch them around and feel free to trim your stir stick or straw to the right length, I gave mine a few snips here and there to change the length of my arrow.

Strawberry  Chocolate 
For an extra breakfast treat grab yourself some whipped cream or whipped icing. Pipe a big ol’ pile of that stuff on your donut and added strawberry pieces and chocolate sprinkles. It’s Valentine ’s Day, you can have dessert for breakfast if you want to!

Have fun creating and customizing your cupid’s donuts, your valentine will be so surprised at your delicious craftiness. And remember, you should to make one for yourself too!