Valentine's Day |

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the perfect day to show your loved ones how much you care by sending a card or flowers or just making a nice romantic meal at home. I usually try to make something easy because I don’t want to spend the entire night cooking. I’d much rather spend it enjoying each other’s company! So, I found a recipe that I thought would be perfect for the evening because I love seafood. Each year I usually have some kind of either seafood or steak and this year I wanted to try something different so I decided to make scallops instead of the usual lobster or crab legs. This Buttery Garlic Scallops recipe I found is perfect because not only is it very easy to make but it tastes so delicious! 

I always like to have a side salad with my pasta dishes, and I also wanted this to be a quick and easy recipe. I knew I hit the jackpot when I came across this Beet Salad recipe! It is so quick to put together and I just love beets! The honey and orange juice dressing adds the perfect touch of sweetness to it too. 

Now all you have to do is serve a great bottle of wine with the meal to top it off. There is a newer wine called “Federalist” and it is a Zinfandel and it goes great with this meal. This is one of my all time favorite wines! 

Last but not least you just have to stop into anyone of our Bakery Departments for your Valentine’s Day treats! They have so many Valentine’s Day themed goodies including sugar cookies, heart shaped cakes, giant cookies, dream bars, and more! And you can even get them personalized with custom messages or designs, just ask any of our bakery staff and they’ll help you out!

What a perfect meal for a perfect evening! Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy! 

Coborn’s, Inc. Merchandising Specialist Team Manager – Bakery & Deli